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    RX460 Pale/whiteish image


      Hi, I have:


      CPU: i5 7500
      MBO: H170-D3HP
      RAM: G-skill Aegis 8GB
      HDD: Crucial 275GB SSD,  + WD scorpio black
      VGA: RX 460
      Napajanje: SuperFlower 550w
      Monitor: Dell U2417h
      OS: Windows 7


      And I have issues with image quality. Sometimes, for no apparent reason image gets like "pale" solution is to go to Radeon Software, click display, click Pixel format, and change it to LimitedRGB and then return it to Full RGB, some times it is other way around to get god image. Issue is that Radeon software is so slow and laggy it takes few minutes to do this procedure, but this should not be happening anyway.  It is not the way it should be happening. You can see difference in screen shots down below, so it is not monitor issue.