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Chrome tabs glitch after 18.5.1

Question asked by karimento on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by karimento

So i updated to lates drivers and after that my chrome tabs stopped working properly.

I have 2 screen setup and i am used to drag tabs to other screens when need to, but after the lkates driver update iu can't do that anymore. The mouse while moving tabs gets either stuck on the screen i try to move them from, or if i try to move a tab from right to left screen the tab automatically opens on its own window in fuill screen, but mouse gets stuck on right screen.


I did not have this issue in previous driver version. Previous drivers just caused some black bars to appear on chrome.

I uninstalled old drivers with DDU if it makes any difference


I do not have these issues with firefox or edge, but chrome is my main browser. Maybe it is a browser related issue, but it did come up with latest drivers.