WX 5100 mouse pointer stuttering

Discussion created by khideyoshi on May 27, 2018

Reposting this help request

Please HELP with this serious issue,

1. Installing Radeon pro software Enterprise 18.q2 May 2018


PC Rig

w10 64, Ryzen 7 1700, X370 chipset,

3 FHD Display connected to WX5100 with config disp 2 DVI in(Port1)extend, disp 1 HDMI in (Port2) as Main, disp 3 HDMI in(Port3)Extend

No Eye Finity nor vscync is enabled.


(Same Global Settings)

Anti aliasing : use application settings

Adaptive Multisampling

Morphological OFF

Anistropic filtering mode: Overide app setting

Anistropic level : x8

Texture filtering Qlty : Standard

OpenGL Triple Buffering : ON

Shader caache : AMD Optimised

Surface format optimisation : ON

Wait for vertical refresh : OFF

Tessellation Mode : AMD optimised

Correction from my last post not disp 1 (main) but...

Conditions to trigger mouse pointer Stuttering:

Display 2 is switched OFF