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    WX 5100 mouse pointer stuttering


      Reposting this help request

      Please HELP with this serious issue,

      1. Installing Radeon pro software Enterprise 18.q2 May 2018


      PC Rig

      w10 64, Ryzen 7 1700, X370 chipset,

      3 FHD Display connected to WX5100 with config disp 2 DVI in(Port1)extend, disp 1 HDMI in (Port2) as Main, disp 3 HDMI in(Port3)Extend

      No Eye Finity nor vscync is enabled.


      (Same Global Settings)

      Anti aliasing : use application settings

      Adaptive Multisampling

      Morphological OFF

      Anistropic filtering mode: Overide app setting

      Anistropic level : x8

      Texture filtering Qlty : Standard

      OpenGL Triple Buffering : ON

      Shader caache : AMD Optimised

      Surface format optimisation : ON

      Wait for vertical refresh : OFF

      Tessellation Mode : AMD optimised

      Correction from my last post not disp 1 (main) but...

      Conditions to trigger mouse pointer Stuttering:

      Display 2 is switched OFF