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18.5.1 Vega 64 Air Black Screen issues

Question asked by deandrivefoxhound on May 28, 2018

I recently upgraded to 18.5.1 and I have been seeing a lot of black screen issues only in XCOM 2.  The GPU Tach lights go off and the card seems to shutdown while the computer and audio is running.  I have stress tested my card in Uniengine for over 40 minutes and I noticed zero issues what so ever.  My PSU is a EVGA G3 850W 80+ model so I am not sure what exactly causes this issue and it only seems to happen in this game.  I am currently on the latest Windows 10 update and from my testing, there seems to be zero cooling and CPU issues whatsoever.  The problem seems to only have started after the 18.5.1 upgrade yet when I rolled back the drivers, it still happened.