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    WX 4100 - Audio with MiniDP ?




      I need a new graphic card for my Windows 10 VM (PCI passthrough).

      My case has only 1 low profile slot, choise is limited.


      The Radeon PRO WX 4100 has no HDMI but only MiniDP, and this is my question:

      Can I connect this card to a TV with HMDI adapter, and having audio ?


      Some screenshot on internet displays AMD High Definition Audio with lspci command, but i want to be sure audio will work with an HDMI adapter.



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          Yes, you can connect this card to a TV and you will get audio output, based on my experience with the AMD FirePro W4100 (Linux & Windows), FirePro W4300 (Linux & Windows), Radeon Pro WX 3100 (for the moment only on Windows with the 18.Q2.1 driver installed) and both Club-3D CAC-1170 // Accell B086B-012B mDP to HDMI adapters.


          You can install the AMD drivers on your Windows 10 VM when the GPU pass through has been succes.

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