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    AMD uProf: One of the SMU is not accessible



      First of all, I'd like to say huge thanks to all AMD engineers which are working on uProf 1.2! Really a lot of interesting stuff now available for measuring!

      Special thanks for thread name reporting!


      I just want a report a little sporadic issue I've facing time to time.

      When I've run following command:

      AMDuProfCLI.exe timechart --event power --event Energy --interval 10 --duration 10 --output D:\timechart


      There following message appers in stdout/stderr:

      WARNING: One of the SMU is not accessible (error code 0x80080003).


      And for such runs counter "baffin-dgpu-power" is absent in report.


      The issue appears sporadically.


      My setup is:

      Radeon RX 550

      Ryzen 2200G

      Windows 10 1803

      Latest Radeon drivers.