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R290M X2  Black screen

Question asked by hylovex on May 27, 2018

Hi guys

    My computer is alienware 18.


    gpu:R290M X2 with crossfire

    new system:windows 10 Enterprise Edition with UEFI


    When I update 18.5.1 drivers,The screen show install drivers ,and then My screen turn black and hold it,but I can hear the drivers uninstall and install.

    However I reboot the computer or  I shutdown and open it,but the screen is always turn black when ready to enter windows10,

     I reboot in safe mode,I can see the drivers is update succeed,but  Universal non plug and play display is exclamation mark.

      only when I uninstall graphics card drivers in safe mode ,I can reboot success enter windows with no black screen .

      please help me how can I succeed update the new drivers?