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    BSOD when installing driver on Win10 64-bit system with AWARD BIOS and RX VEGA


      BSOD with SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error code caused by atikmdag.sys when installing driver on Win10 64-bit system with AMD RADEON RX VEGA(56 or 64) and AWARD bios (CPU, motherboard, memory and other don't matter). Problem exists in all driver versions beginning from AMD blockchain drivers and ending by current 18.5.1 driver.


      I think  all systems with AWARD bios are affected by this (can confirm myself on Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3(any bios version) and Biostar TF570 SLI(any bios version)), see this thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/6x0t98/rx_vega_64_not_working_on_pci_express_20/


      There is nothing common in systems mentioned there, except that all have AWARD bios. This issue is not caused by pcie-e version (I have systems with legacy AMI BIOS, pci-e 1.0 and 2.0, and no issues with drivers). Bug report has already submitted to AMD, but I think this problem needs more attention. If anyone has same issue, please confirm.

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          Not sure what to say here, not many people are going to say there isn't a problem that might happen when installing AMD systems because the way Win10 was designed in the first place. Win10 is ment to stop memory access from untrusted outside sources, has a full VM Program and a fully downloadable Win-PE version that most people have opted to use over a clean install starting at 1607....


          But if it helps, check your sound services and set them to manual or disable and see if that helps, but im always going to lean towards the real facts that the actual Win10 locks that are Default On and nearly impossible to disable unless you PE your own Win10 over to your PC is done. Not impossible, very efficient and will run seamless.


          Brings me to Seamless, Win10 needs to be seamless, there are 7 known UEFI checks that happen from the time you power ON/Reboot to getting back to your desktop.


          Your error is exactly what it is saying it is ( Not Handled ) Meaning Blocked from accessing your PC. Not much to say here . I would Prep PC first for first time install, this isn't just one driver your fingering out here, your laying blame on every driver ever created for your hardware. Something is locked/blocked, meaning Win10 is doing its job. I love looking into PC's thought to be Defunc. and flipping the switches inside the OS and giving them back Trust me, you will eventually read up on the once hidden EMET if not still, people probably don't know whats behind the blocks and don't know these are old buged components never fixed.


          You will unlock your Win10 one day and those bad AMD drivers will be the best drivers you ever seen, ill take that bet.