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    problem with a red band on videos


      Hello, I currently have a problem on my pc I think it comes from the graphics card, since I did an update of the display drivers, a red band appears on each of my videos

      Thanks to answer me !!!!

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          Can you give us the full rig specs please?
          Can you give us more info about the issue, you got red band when looking at a video, gaming, desktop? How the bands behave, disappear after some time?
          Did you cleaned the old drivers with DDU tool, then reinstalled the latest ones from the AMD site for your gpu?
          Did you checked the general rig T°, like cpu,gpu,mb? You can use HWInfo tool to get the devices T°.
          Did your OS is update in general, general devices drivers, bios, if you know?
          If you are used to, did you checked for dust?