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    R8 M445DX R7 Graphics Problem.


      So i've been playing CS:GO with this laptop and my FPS drops to 35 from 60 almost all the time. and sometimes it can't even go over 45 fps, and there is a lot of screen tearing. I already tried setting my radeon settings to performance mode, set all my settings to low, and all that stuff. this problem still exist when i am playing other games too. for example : TF2 [30-60 fps, not stable], and some other games but i haven't played it in a while because it was too laggy.


      I tried updating my drivers from 16.6 to the latest version that is out now, but the problem actually gotten worse. [15-40 fps with high input lag and a lot more screen tearing]


      So what i am trying to ask is "what is the best driver for me? and what should i do to fix this? i've been using 16.6 for a long time now. and i would like to get out of this fps drop hell"


      I am still new to this AMD thing so go easy on me


      ACER ASPIRE E5-553G

      Windows 10

      AMD Radeon R7 Graphics

      AMD Radeon R8 M445DX

      RAM : 8 GB

      AMD A12-9700P

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          Is this the driver you are installing? Laptop graphics update...How to

          Download Drivers


          Do you have any yellow marks in Device Manager?

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            Hi all, I have the same problem, and even more, the same laptop. At the beginning I thought that my video card is working normally, but when I saw the 23fps in DotA2 at the lowest settings I was scared. Task manager showed me only 512 mb of memory at both cards, but (I hope) it's a lie 'cause AS I CAN READ my video card have 2 gb of graphics memory. I was trying to do something at BIOS, because I thought that it's limiting card memory but it doesn't worked. Many versions of drivers was installed at my laptop, and nothing could help at this problem. Furthermore, at this forum a lot of problems like this (with the same card) are nor solved. So, AMD, please, help the people that bought laptops with your soft solve this problem, I CAN'T EVEN DO MY JOB AT AUTOCAD, don't make me and other AMD users nervous. JUST HELP US.