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    R8 M445DX R7 Graphics Problem.


      So i've been playing CS:GO with this laptop and my FPS drops to 35 from 60 almost all the time. and sometimes it can't even go over 45 fps, and there is a lot of screen tearing. I already tried setting my radeon settings to performance mode, set all my settings to low, and all that stuff. this problem still exist when i am playing other games too. for example : TF2 [30-60 fps, not stable], and some other games but i haven't played it in a while because it was too laggy.


      I tried updating my drivers from 16.6 to the latest version that is out now, but the problem actually gotten worse. [15-40 fps with high input lag and a lot more screen tearing]


      So what i am trying to ask is "what is the best driver for me? and what should i do to fix this? i've been using 16.6 for a long time now. and i would like to get out of this fps drop hell"


      I am still new to this AMD thing so go easy on me


      ACER ASPIRE E5-553G

      Windows 10

      AMD Radeon R7 Graphics

      AMD Radeon R8 M445DX

      RAM : 8 GB

      AMD A12-9700P

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          Is this the driver you are installing? Laptop graphics update...How to

          Download Drivers


          Do you have any yellow marks in Device Manager?

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            Hi all, I have the same problem, and even more, the same laptop. At the beginning I thought that my video card is working normally, but when I saw the 23fps in DotA2 at the lowest settings I was scared. Task manager showed me only 512 mb of memory at both cards, but (I hope) it's a lie 'cause AS I CAN READ my video card have 2 gb of graphics memory. I was trying to do something at BIOS, because I thought that it's limiting card memory but it doesn't worked. Many versions of drivers was installed at my laptop, and nothing could help at this problem. Furthermore, at this forum a lot of problems like this (with the same card) are nor solved. So, AMD, please, help the people that bought laptops with your soft solve this problem, I CAN'T EVEN DO MY JOB AT AUTOCAD, don't make me and other AMD users nervous. JUST HELP US.

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              Same problem here, same laptop (presumably - Acer Aspire E5-553G-12C6)

              Both cards (integrated and dedicated) show up with 512MB of VRAM in task manager (and in most games by the looks of it) but GPU-Z can see that the R7 M340 (rebranded as the R8 M445DX) does indeed have 2048MB of dedicated VRAM.

              I've tried downloading drivers from both AMD and Acer's websites.

              I've tried reinstalling them after using the AMD clean uninstall utility.

              I've set everything to high performance

              I've tried looking for things in the BIOS that might help

              NONE of that fixed the issue. At this rate, I'd advise anyone looking to buy a PC to avoid ANYTHING with an AMD chip in it. Very disappointed.

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