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    Relive replays have microstuttering because my monitor is set to 72hz


      Here's more and better info:

      My reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/8llfyl/hello_i_am_having_microstuttering_videos_with/  ;

      A Showcase video RELIVE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 60HZ AND 70HZ AMD FIX PLS - YouTube  .
      Basically my monitor can be set to 72hz and 60hz. When I record a replay and i'm using 72hz the footage becomes very stuttery and not smooth.
      When I set my monitor to 60hz, replays are as smooth as the real game.


      This is an important issue and surely is AMD's fault (I reset my PC and played with every possible setting, my troubleshooting reveals that this is a driver issue)
      No one has ever reported this and it has never been fixed, maybe now you will be able to fix, I like it but this thing is dealbreaking.
      Please look at the reddit post, it has more information provided by other users.


      Thank you