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    Issue Regarding Driver installation Thank you for the help!


      I was preforming a driver update for the new card I have in my desktop. It is the XFX R7800 series and performing the driver installation ended in the error code 1603. This directed me to the link: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/KB1603.aspx

      Here it explains possible causes and how to fix these issues the issues are as follows:

        • Corrupted registry keys and/or system files
        • Corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files
        • Missing critical and/or important Windows updates
        • Graphics driver and software conflicts
        • False positives reported and blocked by antivirus software

      Regarding these issues the first I have done and they did not fix the issue then I did them one by one in between stopping and re-trying to install the driver but nothing worked here is the log any assistance or help is appreciated!


      I don't know if it could be my system locale being in Japanese as an issue or not but I thought I would mention it here as well as what I see as being possibly the issue as I see it in the log multiple times:

      LanguageManager::[24-05-2018 07:46:39] TR_Error() did not find DIFX_ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE error string for Monet product in the ENU language file


      Thank you for ANY help or advice!