1803 Plus Latest Drivers WORKING for Carrizo Mobile TY / Pci 18.2

Discussion created by atlasminor on May 25, 2018

As titled I took a look at my older notebook on 1803 I was able to get every driver including the Newest released set to work, np, other then the older drivers known bugs. Good work on this set ill be OneDriving those puppies for a long time . No wallpaper used, that is in no way a unlocked Win10 AtiWinFlash is giving me a bit of trouble but I know what's causing it. NiBit and HP Bootload seem to find VBios fine, but this is AMD … so ill keep looking. I never give up on a Carrizo processor that was ment for both desktop and mobile, like come on. GameBreaker (imo)


Amd Pci.png