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    RX VEGA 64 Dead?



      Well that problem happened Yesterday,Till that everything was perfect!

      I'm having that card for about more then half year..

      Yesterday it started when I played State of Decay 2,After about 30-40 minutes of play screen became black and showed no input detected message,But Audio for example kept working..I could still for example talk to my friend on the mic...A look on the graphic card there was no led (I'm talking about the dots showing the load of the gpu) So I did a reset returned to the game and again after 30 minutes it came back..

      Then I stopped playing till the evening when I played CSGO and in the middle same problem again happend after about 20 minutes of play...Then something weird happened,When the screen became black this time the GPU fan was I think in full load like something went wrong..

      Restarted and tried to play again and this time after 10-15 minutes no black screen but a screen full of colors...Again restarted and this time..Every game I launch just when the gpu have to work computer crash with that screen full of colors..So from playable games for 30 minutes till problem now just after launch of the game crash happens....

      I made a video of that when I try for example to launch PUBG in the moment the menu needs to appear (Where you see the character which means the GPU has to work..) it crash..

      *I was in the lastest 18.5.1 driver version,Returned back to 18.4.1 still same problem.. so its probably not related to that*


      RX VEGA 64 Crash need help.. - YouTube

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          Just updating...

          After disconnecting everything on my PC and taking out the GPU from the PCIE Slot,And reconnecting after about 5 minutes..

          Checked and now everything works fine..

          I really have no idea what went wrong and how taking it out and reconnecting it fixed it but I will keep it updated in case it returns..Thanks..

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            Problem is back..

            Please any suggestions?

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                I had the same problem with my card. The card has died, it is currently in the shop for complaints. This is a 100% graphics card. This symptom of what appeared to me even while running the program hwinfo (sensor only). For sure, you can test your graphics card at a friend's.

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                i had same problem on my Radeon RX570 graphic card. it cames from 18.5.1 update. I deleted AMD software and i installed 18.2.1 (downgraded) and problem is fixed.


                18.5.1 works great on windows 7 x64 , but on windows 10 pro x64 it causes this problem.

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                  Probably it was a warning sign..2 month after it happened Today card is 100% dead..

                  Was playing a game and again black screen problem happened..

                  Restarted but this time no any sign for the card to work..Computer beeped 1 long 3 shorts (Graphic card error) and I opened the case and saw the fan is not moving anymore..No single led that the card is working except the radeon words that still showing lights..

                  Filling RMA Request right now..

                  It's just insane how the card died after less then a year of usage ;/