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    Ryzen 2400G Apu and 4x RX560 4GB 18.2.1 Not Working.


      Hello 1 week ago I collected the system to do both personal use and mining.

      I want to play games with Apu card and want to mining with video cards.

      the system freezes after Vega11  install it.

      Why do not you do one of them, why?

      why AMD does not help the user in this regard.

      I was having no problems using intel HD 630 Graphics.

      please help if you are experiencing this kind of problem and know how to solve it.

      I share all the system information.

      AMD Ryzen 5 2400G With Vega11

      Gskill 3000Mhz RAM

      Msi X370Sli Plus Mobo

      4x Sapphire Pulse RX560 4gb OC

      Windows 10 1803.

      I've tried. 18.2.1 18.3.2 18.4.1 not workin