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black screen when installing drivers AMD version 18.5.1

Question asked by socalledaki on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by shadow07

So I recently discovered that there's a new AMD "recommended" update which is the 18.5.1. Midway on installation, the screen went flashing black *as it usually does during the installation* but after some of those, the screen suddenly went pure black. I had no choice but to reboot my pc and when it comes to the windows icon and the circle icons passed by, it just went on the black screen. So what I did is to boot on my bios changed my gfx configuration to the video slot from the cpu and remove the cable to my gpu to the cpu. Bootup was fine but I had to uninstall and downgrade my drivers back to 18.2.1. Is this an AMD related issue or is it something that I dont know? An immediate respond will be highly appreciated thank you.