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Can I run a Radeon ati 5770 powered by a secondary power supply?

Question asked by mountainguardian on May 24, 2018

I have many older computers and happened to pick up an old Radeon ati HD 5770.  I have an old tower that I have been using in the living for about 6 years, nothing special but it works and the Radeon would fit into it.


I knew it wouldn't have enough power with a 308 watt supply so I pulled an old atx power supply with a power switch on the back to use as a power supply for the Radeon card. The computer is still being powered by the 308 watt supply, but the Radeon is being powered by a 350 watt atx supply that is currently mounted on top of the tower.


I understand that the PCI has a supplied power from the mother board and was curious as to whether this configuration should work.  The secondary power supply is capable of supplying just over 200 watts to the card and from what I could find it should max out at 108 watts so it seemed as though it should work.


I am not sure if I should make a second post to ask wisdom on how to go about installing drivers to run the card.  As I figured it is not as simple as powering up with an HDMI hooked the Radeon.


I ran across this on an old board............. 

(i had to first connect the to my monitor's VGA port (using a DVI/VGA adapter) to get

a display where i could then install the drivers. Rebooted and now i can connect off of DVI or HDMI

ports on my 5450.)


This reply was a 5450, but I am pretty certain that my 5770 would likely be the same story as a 5450.  Does anyone have experience/wisdom with setting this card up on older comps?