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AMD stopped responding and recovered

Question asked by mahmoudkafi on May 24, 2018

Hi ,

I have this issue with my laptop for more than two weeks first i had high voltage problem and it broke my charging port and replace it since then my laptop didn't worked well it freezes and whenever i open youtube or any video the video frezees "trrrrrrr" then stop and restart  i had downgraded to win 8.1 and installed a clean version and installed the latest version of the driver didn't helped still crashing and sometimes  i receive blue screen (whea_uncorrectable_ error) or (clock_watchdog_timeout) but when i'm in safe mode it works good . How i can figure out if my GPU is dead or failing


Toshiba L850-B203

CPU-intel i5-3210M 2.50ghz


GPU - AMD radeon 7600m series

windows 10 right now


thank you