vega 64 shutting down

Discussion created by freekyleecker on May 24, 2018
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From day one I have had this problem its driving me crazy

I replaced power supply because of it without any success it still doing the same thing.

If I stress test the gpu all works great no problems able to pull over 400 watts without any trouble its well built and robust.

But if I game on this vega 64 LC as that is the reason I purchased it. it randomly shuts down without warning.

Its happened 5x already with the latest drivers 18.5.1

the card seems to hit a hidden barrier it isn't designed to go past then it sends a shut down command to protect itself.

My temps are fine 60c on core and memory no problem my problem.

I know where the problem is but I have no control over that ,

Its within the cards self protection setting that tells to computer to shut down if it goes past a safety point.

Can you pls relax this setting because its way to low and its driving me crazy , my temps re fine I have the vega 64 and I cant use the thing.

its honestly no joke now its been 8 months and you still haven't fixed it.

there are plenty of reports of the same thing and people blaming the power supply to avoid the truth of the problem

pls AMD get into the bios settings and relax its protection levels they are to low.


if the gpu is hitting a safety feature shouldn't it just down clock itself.

pls fix this i been suffering for 8 mths now and no driver update seems to be resolving the problem.

Its truly makes owning this card depressing. i cant play a game without wondering if its going to turn off.