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What is the best configuration of the RX570 4gb for battlefield 1?

Question asked by sgtowalker on May 24, 2018
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Hello friends,
I want to know what is the best setting for getting good performance by playing battlefield 1 in 1080p.
I have the following setup:
- AMD FX8150 @ 4.2Ghz
- AMD RX570 4gb
- Hyper-X (2x8GB) DRR3 @ 1.866Mhz
- Asus Sabtertooth (Gen 1);

Processor temperatures are good, around 35 ° C.

I'm asking this, because in some moments the performance in 1080p generates fps drops.
When in the same setup used an AMD HD7950 there were no sudden drops of fps.

Help me so I can achieve the best performance with this setup.

Q.: Is it interesting to replace the AMD FX8150 with an AMD FX8350?