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Vega 64 turning off ( no signal ) after no specific reason.

Question asked by auyer on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by auyer

My video card has been working for a few months. Both in this setup, ( R7 2700X) and in my last CPU ( i7 4790). For no apparent reason, it started turning off while idle.

All my drivers are up to date. The BIOS and Chipset are also updated.
It also happened once during a Linux distro installation. ( My PC is currently booted to Linux, for testing reasons ).

At first, on windows, I had MSI Afterburner configured with a custom aggressive Fan Curve. Since this problems first started, I disabled it, and tested the Wattman  Power Saver profile. It turned off while I wasn't even touching the PC.


Here is a picture of it. I can confirm that the Fan is blowing.


[EDIT 2 -- IN THIS PICTURE: PC is on, (sound is on), video-card leds and Fan are on, but the tachometer is showing no activity + there is no signal in the monitor ]


The two 8 Pin connectors do not share the same cable. This power supply a 80 Plus Bronze certificated PSU.

Here is a picture of it's specs:



There is no Overclock in place, and was not under pressure in any of the situations that it crashed.

Any help ?


[EDIT 1]

I have worked in this computer using Linux for a whole day, and nothing happened.