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Wraith Prism Aura Sync connector - Aura RGB Header or Addressable RGB headers?

Question asked by on May 22, 2018

Asus is offering on their mainboards a 12V Auro RGB connector )( RGB_Header2) and a 5V RGB Addressable Header (Add_Header2) connector. I am wondering which one to use. My guts tell me that USB is 5V, so most likely it is the 5V … but the cooler fails to detect, while I am skeptical to give the LEDs now 12V instead.


Someone neither Asus not AMD Provided any helpful documentation for this. And I have basically no idea what I am doing with this RGB stuff ... my wife loves it, so she got it for her PC, but it really shows that I have avoided RGB LEDs like the plague for decades in my own builds.