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    Only 1 of 6 Rx 570's not showing up in device manager?


      Looking for some help here.


      Currently running windows 10.  Have  5 of my 6 amd rx 570's up and running with no issue.


      The 6th, well, it doesn't want to show up. I've tried multiple ways and more recently removing all other cards to try and just focus on this issue


      The card lights up and shows power upon windows loading. No fans spin. When windows is loaded it doesn't appear in device manager.  When i removed the other cards, I put this in a spot that has all working connections.


      What do we think the fix could be here as all the other same cards are working and recognized by windows without issue.


      Edit: Running on Asus Prime z270-a.  and am attempting to get this card to show when no other cards are plugged in.

      Asus prime z270-a


      Asus prime z270-a

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          When the computer boots up with just that one card installed does it beep more than once?  Do you have integrated Graphics on your Motherboard?


          Sounds like a defective card since all the rest are recognized and not that one in particular. If you install it in another computer and the exact same thing happens that pretty well shows that the card is probably defective.


          Generally the GPU fan (s) starts up while loading Windows and then shuts down. If the GPU Fan never turns on, it is possible your GPU got damaged from Overheating when the fan stopped working while in use. Just taking a guess not making a fact. Most modern GPU cards, the fans won't turn on until it reaches a certain temperature. on my Asus GPU card the fans are stopped until it reaches 60 degree centigrade, then it turns on automatically. I believe the Rx 5xx have something similar.