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Changing VRAM on Ryzen 2400G causes Windows 10 to bootloop

Question asked by nmunshi1 on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by nmunshi1

Hello all,

I have a new Ryzen 2400G(Vega 11 integrated graphics) build and noticed some lackluster performance in games. I checked Radeon settings and noticed there was only 1024mb allocated to VRAM.

I went into the BIOS of my MSI Gaming Pro B350M board and selected VRAM to force a 2GB instead of 'Auto.'

Saving these settings results in my Windows 10 system to boot loop whilst attempting repairs indefinitely. This is only fixed once switching back to 'Auto' in the bios settings.

Quick google and reddit searches so no information on previous issues with this. It's my thought that I have to modify some registry keys to allow boot-up before or during bootloop phase.

System is 8GB DDR4 PC2-3000.

Performance is very poor currently with both FPS loss on Fort Nite on only medium settings along with current issues of color inversion of the game in fullscreen.

Thanks in advance!