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    2700x Boost an all cores not hlgher than 3.86GHz on CB15


      My specs:

      Ryzen 7 2700x

      Be Quiet Dark 4 Pro Cpu coller

      Asus Prime X470 Pro (Bios Ver. 4011 latest one)

      16GB DDR4 3200 C16 HYPER X Predator (working very well)

      XFX RX 480 GTR

      Sandisk ssd 480GB Ultra 2

      Cooler Master V750 Gold PSU

      Win 10 64bit Ver. 1803 (17134.48)Fresh install.

      Amd drivers 18.4.1


      Temps looking fine max 68 Tdie, idle 29-38 but boost doesnt go higher than 3.86GHzon all cores.Bios setting are on default only ram profile on 3200MHz.


      Is this normal ? Do i have just a bad chip?

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          Im back now on Bios ver. 4008 and CPU is boosting 3.961GHz on CB15 Multi(score 1791) now i guess Asus Bios 4011 was fault,CPU fun now running normal too,with last Bios it was keeping spinning up and down all the time with no reason.Single thread ist about 4.1GHz to 4.26GHz(score 177) maybe a later Bios Ver. is going to perform better...

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              I saw your post and as I have same cpu and mobo but I'm getting 4.3GHz all cores solid as a rock I'm a bit surprised with the cooler you have that it's not stable and getting better results for you.

              My rig is this...

              2700X @ 4.3GHz (25-28 deg idle and never seen higher than 52-54 max load after 3 hours in FH3 or FM7 @ 6048 x 1080) But I am in Scotland where it's currently 18 degrees max during the day just now.

              16GB HyperX 3333MHz (not on QVL list as yet sadly so running at default of 2400 CAN get 2800 or even 2933 but it's unstable atm)

              X470 PRO (ver 4011)

              RX Vega 64 with EK-WB Vega block 7% core clock boost (1742MHz) 1050MHz HBM2 +50% power never above 50 degrees yet.

              XSPC Raystorm Pro D5 Photon RX 360 watercooling Kit (Intel+AMD) This is most likely the reason for my stability @ 4.3GHz as the rad is 48mm thick.

              Samsung 960 EVO 256GB NVME M.2 SSD

              Seagate 3TB HDD

              OCZ.1250W Gold series PSU

              Win 10 Pro ver1803 fresh install when I got the CPU and MOBO on launch.


              I also noticed the stock fan setting would ramp up and down on BIOS 4011 so again used the fan options in the BIOS and just set them to max (no where near as loud as a reference blower)


              In the past I had used Asus AI Suite 3 to OC the system but after seeing voltages of 1.55V I manually edited that down to a max of 1.475V as temps were a bit high for my taste, SMT is on, but I have since disabled the boost function as the CPU had tried to run @ 4.4GHz when I'd set it to 4.3GHz whilst that did give a result in Firestrike it crashed in games far too often AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME X470-PRO

              Max core speed of 4.368 when reported max shows 4.4??? never tried it higher than 4.3 manually so why did it try and run @ 4.4?

              This is what I got after disabling the core boost function in the BIOS

              AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME X470-PRO

              4.3 Max core speed 4.303 actual and stable 24/7


              Ran Cinebench just to check the scores I'd get for comparison

              OpenGL 113.98fps

              CPU 1909 cb

              CPU single 178 cb


              What's interesting is that the CB single core is within margin of error your 4.26 boost vs my 4.3 allcore OC result just 1 point in it...


              Having said that even with the wraith stock cooler I was hitting 4.1GHz all cores and it did hit 4.35 turbo on a single core....


              One other query? What case have you got?

              Main reason I ask is that in my past experience I've had far better case temps and CPU temps (HAF X but now using a Thermaltake Core X5) using a reference GPU with a blower cooler as it exhausts the hot air OUT of the case and not into it. That was what I saw with My old R9 290X Sapphire 8GB card I had vs a 390 8GB reference blower cooled GPU. I got far less CPU throttling with the blower than the AIB cooler....

              Reducing the ambient temps inside the case.... it's a minimal difference but could be crucial if it's throttling due to temps but having seen review OC's of 4.3 GHz and temps topping out around 90 degrees before hard throttling I think you may just have lost the Silicon Lottery...


              Possibly a "bad core" affecting the multicore clocks? I don't really know enough tbh.


              Think your best bet is look at watercooling even a 240 x 120mm AIO SHOULD give you more headroom again as it removes CPU heat right out of the case plus it's not going to be affected by heat rising from the GPU backplate soaking into your CPU coolers fin stack, especially for all cores overclocking and like I said disable XFR2 in the BIOS as it might be trying to boost on top of your selected overclock when you're not looking.

              even trying the GPU in a lower slot on the Mobo could have a beneficial effect as that would most likely be your systems biggest bottleneck atm.

              Hope you get something useful outta my ramble there anyway dude.... If you wanna know what my BIOS settings are gimme a shout and I'll check them in detail... Never know could help out


              EDIT: check the BIOS TPU settings as I'm pretty sure "Auto" is for the wraith cooler "TPU 1" is for aftermarket aircooling/AIO options and TPU 2 is for watercooling. this seems to affect the max boost speed achievable if XFR is enabled... just remembered that I had to set it to TPU 2 myself....

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                  I can get 3.9ghz all cores only on 2600x in Cinebench even with max temps 70C in prime95 small fft. Seems like It all depends on chip. My one is really bad and can't be overclocked over 4050 all cores, it should be 2600, not 2600x. I'm disapointed in AMD after my last Intel processor.

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                    Thank very much for the time you have taken to write all this down,in many cases you might be right.

                    My Case is a Be Quiet Silenet Base 600 Midi-Tower with 2*140 Be Quiet Pure Wings 2 in the front and 1*120 Be Quiet Pure wings 2 in the rear.The backplatte of my Gpu getting warm but not that much, max Gpu temp is 70 Celsius.I am in Germany and at the moment is about 30 Celsius warm...


                    My TPU is on auto but i dont try to overclock my Cpu.The first day i build the Pc and before the bios update i did 3 runs of CB 15 and got auto boost all 3 times all cores 4025MHz and a score about 1846 and single 180 and max. single core boost 4350MHz,after that i saw the new bios and updated,after the update the scores and the boost went down.I installed Win 3 times fresh and reinstalled bios 4008 but still not the same...but better as with 4011 all core boost about 3966MHz and single 4340MHz for miliseconds and can hold all 4290MHz most auf the time.


                    You are writing disable XFR2 buti want the Cpu to do his thing thats why i am on 2700x and not 2700 i dont want to overclock, normal on Asus XFR2 should be CorePerformance Boost under CPU boost but there are only 3 options Auto,Enbled,manual.

                    And then under Ai Tweaker there should be Precision Boost 2 with the name Performance Enhancher but this option missing complet...

                    I think PB2 is not working as it should on my Asus or i have just a bad chip and thats it.Only time would tell with next Bios updates...


                    But Again thank for your time and if something chances i update this post.