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    Switchable graphics not working.


      I have an acer notebook with an AMD A8-7410 APU with Radeon R5 M335 2GB variant.

      All my drivers are fully updated. I have set my settings correctly. I have 2 display adapters. Capture.PNG


      I have added these screenshots to support this post. By default games are supposed to use the discrete and stronger gpu. For example, R6 siege shows that it uses r5 m335 in high performance mode in the switchable graphics tab.

      switchaable graphics.PNG

      However, in the rainbow six siege's settings, it shows that the graphics being used are "AMD radeon R5 Graphics" and not "AMD Radeon R5 M335" Which is stronger.

      Also, the game settings show about 1 gb of vram(which is the amount of vram in the integrated card) and not 2 gb of vram(which is the amount of vram in the dedicated card)


      Please help me in changing this so that the stronger gpu is actually used. All help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          I am no seeing where you are doing anything wrong. Another may come along and see an issue. I would however like to let you know this is just peer to peer support in these forums not AMD employee help. Just people like you. In your best interest of getting help asap. I suggest you also open a support ticket with AMD and give them the info you gave us here. They may be able to quickly see where things are not okay or know of a driver issue at the moment. Email Form