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    144 Hz monitor only running on 60 Hz (AMD HD 8490)


      Hello everybody,


      Recently we bought a ViewSonic XG 2530 gaming monitor in hopes of achieving higher frame rates for our experiments involving stimulus presentation but unfortunately I can't get a 144 Hz refresh rate.


      Our desktop (Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF) has a an AMD Radeon HD 8490 (along with a Intel HD 4600). The Windows 'Screen Resolution' is telling me that the monitor is at 144 Hz, but a test in our presentation software (PsychoPy) reports that a frame is refreshed every 16.7 ms, which is 60 Hz.


      I am using DisplayPort cables, have the latest drivers installed (re-installed them as well), have switched Vertical Sync to 'Always Off', and made sure DisplayPort 1.1 is switched off - all of this to no avail.


      Would really appreciate any thoughts and ideas!