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2200g black sreen

Question asked by verdan21 on May 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by onjingbonjing
I have a problem with ryzen 2200g and msi a320 pro vd plus. 
When I bought these accessories everything worked, but I used geforce gt 640 because it would be more productive than vega 8 in my case.
I had no problems with the graphics in the Vega 8, but yesterday I decided to re-launch an integrated video card,
but I have it not work, I saw a black screen, but I heard the sound of windows load,  The computer boots and works,
but I stopped seeing the image. I tried to change the video settings in Bios PEG / IGD this did not work.
Then I made Clear CMOS and this also did not help, although everything worked fine before.
I have latest windows updates and latest bios update.
Please, I need help.