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I can't update to 18.2.1 nor 18.4.1

Question asked by strider_sp on May 21, 2018
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Problem: can't update to 18.4.1 nor 18.2.1


Specs: Phenom 955 | R9 380 4gb (powercolor pcs+) | 2x4GB ram | M4A77T USB3


Software: windows 2008 R2 | adrenalin 17.12.1


I usually have no problems installing new drivers, and since my R9 380 doesn't see much improvement between versions, i'm installing only major releases since omega. Crimson, Relive and Adrenaline went smooth. I'm using this OS since years ago, two GPU and two HDD, and the same installation is rock solid. I'm using Windows server 2008 R2, but drivers for 7 works perfectly, it is exactly the same OS under the hood.

The drivers install perfectly, only few of them back in catalyst era required fiddling the msi files; for sometime this didn't worked anymore, but soon AMD supported this OS again (THANK LISA! AND THANK someone who maybe had read my message about it some years ago in this same community!, It could had been a coincidence, or maybe not), and without any tweaking required, like a charm since then.


But I bought neptunia in this weekend promo, and it requires 18.2.1 or newer driver to fix severe graphical glitches.


I uninstalled the "current" 17.12.1 and tried the new installers on a real clean install, them both showed "unknown amd hardware".


[Strange. I know my gpu came faulty from factory, I bought it new and only could make it reach idle clock with a regedit tweak, (tks powercolor); I think this isn't relevant, since all drivers until first adrenalin installed correctly. Would it somehow not read which hardware is installed? If so, how the previous 17.12.1 and others could do so?]


Running the installers with 17.12.1 already installed starts ok, but the installer hangs and stay there. I can even kill the process and reboot, not a single change made in the system.

I tried even the radeon pro driver 18Q2, it stops and hangs in the same point.


Anything I can do? Please, I don't want to reinstall my system, who knows which strange updates will be forced in my system when I update it... I know AMD software is rock stable and