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Blackouts after Ryzen 2700x purchase

Question asked by puresilverfalcon on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by thor3

     I just purchased a Ryzen 2700x and a Asus ROG x470 motherboard to go with it. They are great components but as soon as i set up the boot drive, and deleted all of my previously owned MSI drivers for a lga 1151 socket motherboard with an i5 7600k I started to have some issues. I still had the MSI drivers installed when i installed my motherboard and Used McAffee to shred them off my PC. During Gaming sessions I would be getting high frame rates and things would be all good, then my screens would loose DVI input and would go black. I've been noticing my GPU runs a little hot sometimes too.

     The Aura sync function would go on which leads me to think it could be a problem with my GPU; which is a ROG Strix 570 4gb card that i got over a year ago. The card could not be playing nicely with the new processor, and may be causing the blackouts. Another thing i noticed is that that the motherboard has this light sequence that lights up on the pcb. It lights up usually for installation for the user to see what parts are not detected, but they all light up after my screen blacks out.  All of these things lead me to think that my GPU is at fault, or the two new parts don't cooperate like i want them too. So about my GPU running hot; I opened up GPU tweak 2 (Asus GPU drivers) and looked at the fans section. Users who had this or similar cards were also having heating issues and couldn't seem to fix them. I've played with 100% fan load on Rainbow six siege for a little bit and I've crashed my PC like twice. The first crash was a little bit more violent then t he first, as my screen experience an obscure amount of screen tear, then blacked out, then blue screened, then restarted my whole PC. This was the only instance that I experienced such an event. The second was a typical Blackout for me, my Game froze for a second, then my Monitors lost input then my screen went black, but Aura sync for my motherboard was still on, but the ;light show was on. Are there any drivers that help this? Also do i need to wipe my PC to get completely rid of the MSI drivers? Does this sound like a GPU or CPU issue? Do i just need to upgrade my stock AMD wraith max cooler?


     the things i have done so far are:

I've looked up in the user manual for the motherboard to see if the light sequence i was seeing actually meant anything, and it doesn't.

I've looked up how to regulate GPU temps on Asus cards, and I changed the Fans to always be on 100% load, but I still blackout.


Parts list if needed:

Asus ROG Strix x470 Motherboard

Ryzen 7 2700x with stock cooler

Asus ROG Strix rx 570 4gb

Asus Wireless card

16gb g.skill ram (2 8gb sticks)

500 watt psu

223 gb ssd (boot drive)

1tb hhd


Thank you