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    Ryzen 3 2200g Black Screen Display


      Black Screen Display when palying LOL and Dota2 .


      Ryzen 3 2200g

      MSI a320 pro vh plus -  Bios: 7B07v39  latest

      HyperX 8GB 2400mhz (2x4GB) dual channel

      Windows 10 1709

      Chipset driver 18.10.0418  4/19/2018  latest

      Display driver  Adrenalin Edition Q2 2018 Driver Version 18.10.02  (Windows Driver Store Version 24.20.11002.8)  latest


      All Brand New.

      All stock setting, no overclock

      Result is Black Screen Display or Green Display when playing Games, for me LOL and DOTA2.


      I troubleshoot this problem for a month now but no luck. Im tired.


      I think the problem is not in drivers or memory or windows version. I think the problem is the GPU inside the Proccessor.


      I buy ryzen 3 2200g to save money because graphics card is expensive right now, but because of this problem (black screen display) it cost me much more money because the only solution is to buy graphics card.


      AMD did not know the feeling when you palying games and you are in clash and your monitor becomes.. BOOM!!!  Black Screen. WTF GG.


      The sad part is you dont know what is the cause of the problem, you dont know what is the reason.


      Im done.


      Thank you.