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Monitor DDC/CI control problem on amd polaris gpus

Question asked by xtcbt on May 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by xtcbt

I'm using clickmonitorddc where i can control the brightness and contrast of my monitor directly. I find it very convenient since I can control my monitor like a laptop (fn+brightness control key) without pressing buttons on the monitor itself. My problem is it doesn't work on newer amd gpus like polaris and above since I tried several cards where it doesn't work (rx 470, rx 460, 2200g igp) and I think this affects all the newer models. The gpus I tried where the DDC/CI worked are 290x, hd 6850, 5600k igp, hd 5770, gt 730, gt 1030, gtx 560, gtx 670 and gtx 1070. I even tried using different cables vga, dvi-d, hdmi to no avail. I also made sure that the DDC/CI option in my monitor is enabled then also tried looking for options in radeon settings related to DDC/CI but I did not find anything. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.