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    having trouble with installing AMD Adrenaline driver 18.4.1


      I have trouble with my laptop and thunderbolt 3 EGPU

      Simply, I want to undervolting my CPU and GPU, but not work well( keep having throtling trouble) so, just roll back. then drivers cant detect my EGPU, so I was trying to re-install drivers(DDU and amd clean up), set default laptop BIOS,  flash VGA BIOS, and windows reset and install again. anyway I install windows 10 again and install all drivers what my laptop need, but VGA driver just crash. when I execute the driver installer, it is going to detect VGA and install driver, but it is crushing with BSOD(SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, atikmdag.sys) when install display driver. may it possible problem of undervolting CPU and GPU, or flash VGA BIOS, but in my test, both are normal. I know it is hard to solve, but I wish get some tips or solutions. thanks you for reading


      Laptop spec

      CPU - i5-8250U

      RAM - 8GB

      internel VGA - intel HD 620


      EGPU set

      - HP OMEN Accelerator GA-1-1029kl

      - MSI R9 290 / DDR5 4GB / #flash lastest BIOS


      Windows 10 ver.1803(build 17134.48)



      - Rollback after undervolting CPU(XTU) and GPU(wattman), flash GPU BIOS

      - reset, reinstall windows 10 after format SSD, and do update



      - BSOD(error code : SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED,  atikmdag.sys) when install VGA driver 18.4.1, 18.2.1, 17.11.4

      - otherwise work well