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Constant BSOD VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (ATIKMPAG.SYS) on brand new build (Ryzen 5 2400g)

Question asked by krazykyguy on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2019 by lrvarney

Good evening everyone! I'm having some really aggravating issues with a PC that I've just built. The system itself is setup as follows:


AMD Ryzen 5 2400g

Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard

250gb Sandisk Plus SSD

16gb Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz RAM


I had some problems with the initial RAM kit that I purchased (one of the sticks was faulty). I received a replacement kit and installed them. I also went onto the Gigabyte website and made sure that all current audio and display drivers were installed correctly. However, here is the part that has become troublesome and aggravating. Once I installed the drivers for the display, my system started randomly throwing BSOD's stating "Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys). This is a new issue as I didn't seem to get this when I was only running the single 8gb stick of RAM whilst waiting for the replacement kit. I've used DDU Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the aforementioned driver that I got from both Windows Update as well as the Gigabyte website. Once I remove the driver I don't seem to have any more issues with the BSOD. However, with the driver removed my HDMI monitor speakers stop working (Windows says my Digital Display Audio is unplugged) and any games I try to play are ridiculously choppy almost to the point of being unplayable, even with their settings turned down as low as possible. If I go back in and install the AMD driver, my sound works again, and the games run great until a BSOD Video TDR failure shuts me down again. I simply cannot figure this out. I've tried everything I can think of. At the moment I am typing this on the computer as I do not have the AMD drivers installed, and everything is fine (as long as I don't want to play anything with sound or try to play any games). Can anyone help me? This is quite frustrating. I really appreciate anyone that can give me ideas or solutions!


P.S. - I noticed that when the driver is installed Device Manager lists my Display Adapter as "Ryzen 5 2400g with Vega Graphics" which is correct. When the drivers are rolled back it simply states "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". Not sure if this information helps, but I thought I'd add it.


~Changed RAM sticks around from slots 1 & 3 to slots 2 & 4 (still get same BSOD)

~Reverted BIOS on motherboard to same one my wife is using (still get same BSOD)

~Tried several AMD drivers, including the one my wife is using as well as the brand new one (still get same BSOD)

~Ran MemTest64 - no RAM issues


Finally, today, I contacted Microsoft Technical support via chat and they suggested I revert my build of Windows to version 1709 (same as the one my wife is currently using).  That made total sense, so I wiped my drive clean and installed fresh version of Windows 10 pro Version 1709.  Once installed, Windows proceeded to install the AMD drivers.  I thought that it would FINALLY work.  However, my elation was short lived.  The machine BSOD'd less than 10 minutes after installing Windows and the AMD drivers.  Mind you these are the same drivers my wife's PC is using.  I have come to my wit's end with this issue.  The only time it seems to be stable is when I am running Windows Basic Display Adapter, which is great if I want no sound and do not desire to play any games.  The minute I install ANY AMD drivers the PC will throw another blue screen of death on me again, with the same error as always.  Can anyone out there please please please help me out here.  I don't know if I am facing a software or hardware issue.  I'd like to think that all of my components are running great as everything is brand new.  I just do not know what is conflicting here.  I cannot figure this out and have tried everything I can think of.  Any help or ideas you guys and girls can provide would be greatly appreciated.


AMD driver release 17May2018


  Thank you in advance..