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The AMD GPU story is sad.

Question asked by gavin.williams on May 20, 2018
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I have an R9 390 GPU and want to upgrade but the sad truth is that you haven't really released a new GPU in 3 years that could replace the R9 390. I've been considering an RX 580 which in some small ways is an improvement, but it's just not worth it to me. I would be paying $520 for a GPU that gives about 1% speed improvement, up to 9% fps improvement in some games and in other games performs worse than my R9 390. I'm sorry but that's laughable. And RX Vega does not even rate, never did rate, because of the price and because of stability issues. Compare the RX Vega 56 to 1080, the 1080 is $200 less and gives 30-80% greater performance, that makes the RX Vega a ridiculous proposition, how it's even selling is beyond me. I'm a huge AMD fan, and I strongly believe in diversity in the market. But I honestly can't justify buying an RX 580 for $520 that gives no discernable upgrade. As sad as it makes me, and I'm feeling totally crap that I can't have free sync in my next GPU, I'm going to have to switch sides and get a 1070 Ti or 1080.


Why can't you get your act together and release a new GPU ? You did well with Ryzen, but you've done absolutely nothing in the GPU space. It's so disappointing that you're becoming irrelevant there. <deleted rant about you're failing to address crypto demand>


Is there anything on the horizon? I just see no hope for AMD in graphics, which is just terrible. Please do something.