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Radeon RX 480 - one of the fans spins slower, increased noise levels of gpu

Question asked by deliraire on May 19, 2018

Yesterday we have noticed that our computer is being much more noisy than usual while gaming. It usually isn't noisy at all. After investigating we have noticed two of the fans spinning normally and one of the fans spinning much slower. After a bit of research I have then decided to reinstall the gpu drivers. I have used DDU to fully remove the old drivers to then cleanly reinstall them again. I have also reinstalled GPU Tweak ii which now notifies me at the start with "ASUSGPUFANSERVICEEX.exe has stopped working" which it didn't do before.

I am super worried. Is my GPU already pooping itself? Is there something else I can do? I only have a very basic understanding of computers, so I hope I am not an idiot right now. Appreciate any help, thank you.