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    Display Driver issue


      ihave asus b350prime - ryzen 2400G
      iam already tryed alot of amd drivers versions , tryed install new windows , updated bios , what to do ??!

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          Can you give us the whole rig configuration please?
          Can you please download DDU, it's a tool used to clean deeply the drivers.
          There is an tick box in the options to allow driver cleaning in safe mode.
          Clean the drivers in safe mode then reinstall the latest ones from the AMD site, this version: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Q2 2018 Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit


          Check your integrated gpu bios settings, remove any pci-e cars just for test, check all the motherboard power connections, check that the cpu is well mounted on the socket and the heatsink is also well mounted.
          If you can please, google AMD report form and report your issue.