Windows Store Games are incompatible with AMD Radeon Settings, cannot scan or add the executable to it.

Discussion created by dra6o0n on May 18, 2018

From what I've found out, Microsoft apparently loves to lock the game files behind several layers of encryption and permissions, you are only allowed to 'run' the game but can't do anything with it other than that.


That means modding is out of the picture, for games like State of Decay 2, and I can't even scan or add the executable to AMD Radeon's setting so I can adjust it, as it uses Dx11...


The game has a lot of weird graphical bugs and artifacts, and I think it's solely related to how the game files are kept away from the users.


The game State of Decay 2 for instance is kept in this destination: "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Dayton_1.3137.99.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe"


Nothing related to the game name for this, until you go into the subfolder and see State of Decay 2 there.

Every single one of the files found here are encrypted or locked behind a trusted installer permission, and trying to unlock it or overwrite the permissions generally fails, PERIOD.


Apparently, I also found out that the AMD chill doesn't seem to function with this game even though it's directx 11.

It's because the hardware is kept away from accessing said bin file.


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