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    The Truth GPU.



           My fellow nerds and geeks, I am a freelance engineer most children wanted bikes or toys I wanted an Intel 8088 now I just work to pay the bills maybe do some contract pcb work


      Ive come into access a special microscope allowing me to see the laser etched chem washed multi layered crystal switch board.


      I have examined ATi/AMD 2000 series up to Vega 64, Nvidia GTX 200 Series up to 1080Ti



      my findings are the following.


      I'm not bagging anyones designs i'm just stating a logical assessment.


      AMD architecture is like a well packed library but they put the power controllers and bus "librarians" on the outside of the chip adding latency.

      also there are multiple length types "longer or shorter lengths" adding instability to over all chip performance, do to faster then or slower then components.

      I'm tired of seeing these 25% Dead or worse GPU's NVidia is just as bad losing up to 100 streamprocessors due to DUST INERFERING WITH LASER...

      Also place GPU closer to the PCI slot, also sequential 3d radial architecture.