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2013 Mac Pro GPU passthrough to Windows 10 VM

Question asked by robhehr on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by dc120

Hi, I have a late 2013 Mac Pro with with dual Radeon Firepro D500 cards. I intend to run Windows 10 64 bit VMs with GPU passthrough enabled.  I can get the D500 card to appear in device manager on the VM, but the card will not work on the VM despite trying various drivers. AMD driver website has a specific driver for Windows 10 64 bit running on a Mac Pro 2013, but it doesn't work. I tried installed the Mac Bootcamp software but it doesn't like being installed on a VM either. I know that this isn't an issue with my ESXI setup because I can see the card in my Windows 10 VM - my issue is just finding the proper driver. Any ideas?