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    AMD laptop no driver detected

      • AMD Graphics Card: RX 460
      • Desktop or Laptop System: ASUS FX550I (Laptop)
      • Operating System: Windows10 64bit
      • Driver version installed:
      • Display Devices: Laptop
      • Motherboard + Bios Revision: unsure
      • CPU/APU: AMD Quad-Core FX-9830P
      • Power Supply Unit: unsure
      • RAM: 4GB


                So I'm experiencing the Code 43 error. I've done everything I can but none of the solutions I've found worked. Basically I wanted to update my drivers. It didn't work so I tried rolling back. I made a mistake by deleting the driver software while doing so (Clicking the checkbox that says "Delete the driver software for this device" after clicking uninstall). Now I think that prevented me from doing a rollback and instead got me the Microsoft Basic Display Driver.

                What I've tried so far:

                     1. Uninstalling from Device Manager and rebooting

                     2. Using DDU, rebooting, installing a new driver, and rebooting again

                     3. Deleting the AMD folder in C: and installing a new driver and rebooting

                     4. Uninstalling from "Uninstall a Program" from Control Panel and installing a new driver and rebooting

      Some additional info:

           1. When I try to install the new drivers, it always says that the version used is 17.5 even after I install 18.2.1 and reinstalling it (Pardon as I'm not sure what the exact version is)

           2. When I run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, it says otherwise and says I'm using the Microsoft Basic Display Driver

           3. I've tried using the Windows update but nothing happened.

           I might've tried something that isn't there since I've tried a lot of ways. The only thing I haven't done yet is reinstalling windows 10. Still checking to see if there are other possible solutions






                I can send more info if need. Please Help