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radeon 18.2.1 update overdue for baffin series

Question asked by me262schwalbe1 on May 18, 2018

I haven't seen an update for vendor specific drivers since feb. 7th.


I see that desktop users get more updates 18.2.2,18.2.3,18.2.4

18.3.1 and 18.4.1


I see that they get priority first...and vendor specific hardware users such as myself wait...for ages....


so,Is there one coming with some updates?

I would like to see a new BIOS update as well for the baffin series driver giving me and others the option to unlock the 2 extra cores of the RX560 gpu.


I know they have the 14 Core variant and the 16CU variant.and that the 14 Core variant came out October 2017 and the 16 Core variant came out june 2017.


I found that some RX460 variants have gotten bios updates to flash and unlock two,I want that option to unlock those two locked cores and increase the frequency speed from 1053Mhz to the desktop speed. and increase the SP count 896 to 1024.


now,I have done some digging and learned alot about how they lock down these extra cores on some mobile gaming pc's and want to see a new update bios that will give us more options and flexibility.