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Ryzen 2700x doesn't boost more than 3.875Ghz

Question asked by ajarosz on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by tekjunkie28

Hi all, I just got Ryzen 2700x along with Gigabyte X470 Aoris Ultra Gaming, 32GB GoodRam, 750W StraightPowet from beQuiet. I exchanged stock cooler for Grandis 2. The problem is that my processor doesn't boost more that to 3.875Ghz on load. Temps are around 68-69 'C, so there is a room. Max voltage on auto is 1.3. On manual, I was able to set it to 4.1Ghz, with temps around 80, so I don't get why it is not boosting to 4.0 at least.