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CAnnot Installing Drivers Or Update Windows 10 - r9 290

Question asked by tnefele on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by tnefele

I have an AMD Radeon r9 200 series GPU. When i bought it 2 years ago i downloaded amd catalyst driver and it has worked fine with no issues.3 days ago i decided to update my driver to the latest one(AMD Radeon Crimson) because my old one had no option for advanced resolution adjustments that I had to use in order to record my screen for literally only 2 minutes.So I uninstalled the old software and installed the new one.At first I managed to install it and also use it to record my screen,but later on I realised that its not working and my amd gpu wasnt even used nor detected by the pc.So i tried uninstalling it many times and installing other versions of the software(obviously,compatible with my windows 7 OS and my gpu...).When installing all these other drivers(including the one i first tried that managed to install successfully but wasnt working),i kept getting errors(error 1603)(everything but AMD Display Driver installs successfully) and also instead of my graphics card name,display adapter in device manager got changed to Standard VG Graphics Adapter...After many attempts i started going through forums and videos trying to find a solution,i tried using DDU and uninstalling everything AMD related,i tried all the solutions listed on your website.At that point i almost gave up but than I realised that I havent updated windows in almost 2 years and later on I saw that windows should be fully updated before attempting to install the drivers on the forum.BUT this is when my other problem comes in,my windows updates keep failing...I keep getting errors and even tho i have also tried many solutions for this I couldnt fix it.I assume it has to do something with my GPU not being detected by my pc(because I have no drivers for my GPU and I cant install them)...Now,I have no idea what to do...I'have spent last few days trying so hard to fix this and i got nowhere.Cant install AMD software cause my windows is not updated and I cant update windows cause my driver is not recognized.Help please.......


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