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    Best ICs for Ryzen 2?


      Hey guys, I'll buy a Ryzen 2600 or 2600x soon and I want to run it with good Ram.

      I just know that Ryzen with Samsung B-The Ram is really 100% stable and running on the intended values.

      But I do not want to buy a 3200Mhz CL15 Ram just to have Samsung B-Die in there, because 3200Mhz CL 16 would be 40 bucks cheaper and would do the job just as well. So here are my questions:


      - Which ICs except Samsung B-The work with the intended values also stable on Ryzen 2?

      - Does Ryzen work just as well with (not Samsung B-Dies) eg. Micron B-Die?


      Thank you, for everyone who can help me there!

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          I would stay clear of Micron die.  I know that even samsung D die works very very well on several 2400G units I have built at 3200mhz.  You may want to look in to Ryzen Dram Calculator.  It helped me out a ton on some Hynix AFR die. I was also able to fine tune my subtimings.