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I don't understand why is a problem to get an answer!

Question asked by johan03 on May 17, 2018
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I've posted a problem with my graphic card 3 days ago or more and I haven't received any response even I posted a problem like 2 months ago and I didn't even get an answer -_- well let's see if somebody here can help me!! since the last april windows update I had some problems like after updating windows deleted graphic cards and installed another one without AMD radeon settings I had got to reinstall it deleting all drivers because when I did it it always showed me all components were installed. anyway. the problem it's that now am feeling my games and even browser  lag and it's annoying and I know that AMD released an update for graphic cards to make them better with this new windows update but guess what? I don't see that update anywhere I tried downloading the driver from AMD page according to my specs but all I got was a black screen and I had got to restore my pc so help me please! my pc is an asus x555bp with AMD A9 7th gen and radeon graphics R5 M420 2GB windows 10 single language 64bits. thanks in advance cheers!!