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Installing SATA RAID driver to existing Windows 10 when not in RAID mode

Question asked by fallfrominfinity on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2019 by g051051

So I recently decided to upgrade to the Threadripper series, getting the 1900 and an Asus Prime X399-A to go with it.


Now on my old motherboard, I had 4 SATA HDDs in RAID 0 and then my SATA SSD as the main OS drive. The old motherboard luckily had only 4 of the SATA ports capable of RAID, the fifth was held out of RAID configuration.


This new motherboard does not appear to have that lucky setting - either all drives are in RAID mode (though not all need to be in a RAID, of course), or all drives are not.


So I tried to boot Windows after configuring the RAID 0 on the other four drives and, lo and behold, Blue screens "Inaccessible Boot device"


Pulled the SSD over to the old motherboard and attempted to enable Safe boot before bringing it over, to see if I could safe boot with RAID mode on - turns out, I could not.


So I switch it back to AHCI and boot Windows, YAY.


I go to download the SATA RAID drivers from the AMD chipset drivers page for the x399, and when I run the installer... it only shows my display drivers (wut?).


Then I download the actual chipset drivers and display drivers and download and install them and reboot, then try the SATA RAID driver installer again, and its a no-go, still only gives me options for display drivers.


So here's what I need - I need to be able to install the SATA RAID driver for my x399 without the system being in RAID mode. Or some workaround that gets that same thing done.


I am desperately trying to avoid reinstalling Windows just to have the RAID driver installed from the start, and I'd rather not do a software RAID (Windows "Striped Volume").

Do we have any suggestions or things that I can do to get this done?