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    EyeFinity HD 7078 and 5 screens


      I have an EyeFinity HD 7078 (mini display ports with 6 outputs). I installed the drivers but when I connect the third monitor it is not recognized. Can someone help me?

      Drivers: radeon-software-adrenalin-18.4.1-minimalsetup-180426_web (suggested by automatic detection)

      Windows 10


      I need  to connect 5 screens.

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          I don't recognize an HD 7078 as a model. Maybe you meant 7870? Maybe you are having issue because of the minimal driver package. I would load the full driver package and see what you get. Not promising this will fix things. I really don't have experience with 6 monitor eyefinity. If you had the exact model and maker of the card we could look up specs on their website, then try and figure out where to go. I'd try and load the full driver package then if that doesn't work reply back with the full model information and we can see what we can figure out. You could also ask the tech support of who actually made your card, as they would be the experts on that card.