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Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu splash screen after GRUB is Neon pink RX-560, I believe I downloaded the BETA drivers however. Also is there a way to update the drivers via APT?

Question asked by antonymagnus on May 15, 2018

Hi everyone, using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with the latest drivers from AMD. It appears that the boot screen just after GRUB with the Ubuntu logo is Neon pink with my RX-560. Oddly enough when powering down the Ubuntu splash screen is the normal color. Small issue here but thought I would say something in regards to this. Also I don't recall seeing any information about updating the Ubuntu drivers via APT or using APT to update/ download from ATI? Please let me know. I am fresh from Nvidia here and that was a whole different ball game, could update right from the software updater with Nvidia. Do not understand the disconnect here between Linux and AMD/ATi?? Lastly I am confused about the cooling with this card, one website stated it was Liquid cooled? Or is that just a software term used to show how the card throttles itself down to improve thermal performance?


Other than that this is a fabulous card and I wanted to thank AMD/ATi for it. Beautiful! Dual booting with Windows 10 and it works great with Windows!