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AMD Radeon R7 M340, error 43

Question asked by lizgc on May 14, 2018

Hi everyone! I've got a problem with my graphic card, as you can see it's an AMD Radeon R7 M340 (Radeon graphics). I've got my computer less than 3 months ago and, until yesterday, everything was fine with it and no errors showed, but yesterday there was this software update in HP Support and a new version of AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M340 and AMD Radeon R7 Graphics were available so I downloaded and installed them.

After that I tried to play LOL but my FPS were within 0 and 10! Before the update they were within 70 and 120, then I checked my screen adaptors and there was this message that both of them where stopped because an error (error code 43) and I can't make it change, I've uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers, I've restored my PC completely but the error stiil there. Is this an AMD drivers problem or my GC is damaged?

HP Pavillion 15-cd005la

AMD Quad Core A12-9720P